Book Reviews

*I just received mine! It's such a wonderful book.  So helpful for children, educators and parents, I am a therapist and think you should market this book with pediatricians and mental health therapists.  A great tool on hand when working with children and families.-parent and therapist

*This timely book has a simple and important message to help young children understand the necessity of maintaining personal space.  This pictures are inviting and cheerful, and the message comes through very clear.  This book will help both children and teachers address this critical issue of how to create the necessary distances to be safe.-author

*I have read this book by Sylvia Crunden and love the valuable message that it conveys. It is the story of two best friends, Ben and Nick, and how they got to be even closer friends (in more ways than one) with the help of their teacher, Mrs. Wise and a BIG bubble!  Personal space can often be difficult for some children to understand.  Their natural exuberance may make others feel uncomfortable if they get too close and are touching each other. 

Nick had a problem with personal space.  He always seemed to be getting too close to others. Ben didn’t realize that he could use his words to ask Nick to stop getting too close.  Mrs. Wise introduced the idea of pretending that everyone has a big bubble surrounding them and no one should ever get so close as to pop their friend’s bubble and that it is also OK to ask someone if they could please stay in their own space. 

This is a perfect book for parents to share with their children and for teachers to share with their class. teacher

*I learned that when people are in my space to use my my words and not just tell a teacher.  I like that they are best friends in the end.  Nick and Ben can have their own space and still be friends. 6 year old student