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Bullying is Never Okay!

Have you ever been bullied?

Have you ever bullied someone?

Nick and Ben are back for a new adventure.  They enjoy playing at recess but sometimes getting along with other students can be difficult.  Find out what happens when Nick gets bullied at school.  How will he fell and what will he do?  What lesson will you learn about bullying?

Please Don't Pop My Bubble!

Are you looking for a book to teach children about personal space?  Well, Here It Is!!!

Have you ever felt crowded or that someone was in your personal space?  Did it make you feel uncomfortable?  Were you not sure what to do?


In this picture book, children will learn about personal space through a student’s perspective.

Ben is excited to go back to school after summer and cannot wait to see his best friend, Nick.  He is nervous because Nick is always in his space and Ben doesn’t know what to do.  Ben will learn how to solve this problem so it can help every child be able to use these skills too.

This is a beautifully illustrated book where children will learn about personal space, friendship, and how to problem solve on their own.  They will think about their emotions, how it makes their body feel, and how it affects others.


This will be a valuable resource for children, teachers, counselors, and parents to use for many years to come!

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